Township Art Project

The Viva Township Art Project and Mams Art Festival are initiatives that call on the assistance of artists in aesthetically transforming the informal settlements by painting works of art on shack dwellings for the following purpose:

1.    The transformation with art and colour is an immediate and easily accomplished act that brings instant upliftment to the area.
2.    Creating a living art gallery, stimulates the neighbourhood economically by attracting tourism and enabling the owners of the painted shacks, to offer products/services at events, and thus earning much-needed household income.
3.    It is envisaged that an art calendar and donations to the shack owners by visitors taking photographs, will further provide revenue.
4.    The art project brings together people from different walks of life (those more fortunate living in affluent areas and the communities living in informal settlements)
5.    Art training and exposure to different art disciplines are important to children and young people living in the informal settlements and are offered through the Viva Township Art project.

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